What is the prospect of electric vehicle battery swapping mode?

Compared with the previous charging mode, the biggest benefit of the battery swap mode is that it greatly speeds up the charging time. For consumers, it can quickly complete the power supplementation to improve the battery life by virtue of the time close to the time when the fuel vehicle enters the station to refuel. At the same time, the battery swap mode can also check the battery condition uniformly by the battery swap platform after the battery is recycled, reducing battery-induced failures and bringing consumers a better car experience.
On the other hand, for society, after the battery is recovered by the battery swap platform, the charging time can be adjusted flexibly to reduce the load on the grid, and a large number of power batteries can be used to store clean energy such as wind power and tidal power in idle time, so as to reduce the load on the grid. Deliver power to the grid during peak or emergency power usage. Of course, both for consumers and for the society, the benefits brought by power exchange are far more than the above, so from the perspective of the future, it is bound to be an inevitable choice in the new energy era.
However, there are still many problems to be solved in the promotion of the battery swap mode. The first is that there are currently electric vehicles and models on sale in China, most of which are developed based on charging technology and do not support battery swapping. OEMs need to transform to battery swapping technology. According to the car companies that are currently transforming, the battery swapping technologies are not the same, resulting in incompatibility between the swapping stations. Nowadays, the capital investment in the construction and operation of the swapping stations is huge, and there is a lack of unified battery swapping standards in China. In this case, many resources may be wasting. At the same time, for car companies, the funds for building battery swap stations and developing battery swap models are also huge burdens. Of course, the problems faced by battery replacement are far more than the above points, but under such an era background, all these problems will be faced and solved by car companies and society.

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Post time: May-27-2022
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