energy storage deployment

fleFlexible flow of energy
Well-controlled energy flow among Grid,

batteries, solar panels and other loads.

Module-design guarantees tailored
capacity and power based on
individual customer requirement.

fleLoad shifting
Store energy during off-peak power
or low-fee intervals; release energy
for peak hours or emergency shortage.

Cloud-based EMS offers remote
access to manage the operation
of any charging point.



IES480K1K 480kW Power Cube

AC grid access
AC input voltage 45-65Hz / 3-phases + N + PE
/ 260vac-530vac
AC max input current 645A
AC Distribution AC Grid charging power to Energy
Storage Battery is max 120kW.
to EV is max 240KW
AC feedback power (optional) Energy Storage Battery max
feedback to Grid / B2G is 88KW
Energy Storage Battery group access channel Max 2 channels
Battery charging power from AC Grid Max 120KW
Battery access Battery B2V EV charging power Max 4 channels
Battery B2V EV charging power Max 240kW
Battery B2G AC grid feedback
power (optional)
Max 88kW
Electric Vehicle EV Charging point Max 4 point within 2 Dispensers
EV Charging power Max 480kW
Electric Vehicle Discharging EV feedback to AC Grid /
V2G power (optional)
Max 176kW
EV feedback to Energy
Storage Battery /2Bpower
Max 120kW
Dimensions W * H * D mm = 1000 * 2200 * 1200 mm




IBS215K1KC 200kWH Battery Cube

Energy Storage Battery 200kWh/280Ah Energy storage battery,
Battery voltage: 627V~806V,
Charging/ discharging ratio: 0.5 C dis/charge,
max 1 C discharge 10 min
Battery BMS Battery Pack BSU +
High voltage control box master-slave BMU
Battery Capacity Expand Max 4 groups battery/battery cube access, 4 BMU
Fire suppression system Temperature-activated fire extinguishing system +
fire probe tube +
Air pressure sensor and valves, emergency fan
Protection Class IP65
Dimensions/Weight W * H * D mm = 1200 * 2200 * 1200 / 1600 kg

EXP480K2-LDC 480kW Charging Dispenser

Normal Charging Cable CCS1 200A/300A 1000V, CCS2 200A/250A 1000V.
CHAdeMO 125A/500V, GBT 250A/1000V
Liquid cooling cable 500A/1000V CCS1 or CCS2 or GBT
Dimensions W * H * D mm = 500 * 1750 * 350 mm Weight: 160 kg
EXP30K2-FDW Fast Wallbox DC Charger
V2G Charging Solution 30kW/120kW DC V2G Charger

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