LRG1K0100G is specially designed for EV DC chargers with liquid cooling requirement. The module is equipped with high efficiency, zero noise, high power density and high reliability. It has cleared EMC/EMI /TUV CE certification with class B level, and TUV UL and CE safety certification.

Liquid cooling modulePNG


AC Input voltage and current

260 Vac ~ 530 Vac 58A

DC output voltage and current

150 Vdc ~ 1000 Vdc, 0 ~ 100A

Rated power


Dimensions and weight

(D),≤ 28 kg


Zero audio noise

Anti-condensation water design

Liquid cooling for high protection and high reliability

Both electric interface and liquid interface support full hot plug

Wide output voltage range, 150-1000VDC, suitable for a wide range of EVs Constant current for higher output power at low output voltage

3-phase without neutral eliminates the risk of high neutral currents Inside high frequency transformer isolation

3-phase active power factor correction technology, reduces the harmonic interference to the grid

An internal patented intelligent discharge circuit automatically discharges residual charge, simplify the system design

Low standby power consumption with 12W. Super standby power consumption with 2W

Dual DSP design, provides the full digital control, less components means higher reliability

Special Price for Dc Electric Vehicle Ev Charger 180kw 200v-750v Charging Pile
Bidirectional ACDC Power Converter

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