Small size and light-weight

30kW CCS/ CHAdeMO/ GBT DC + 22kW AC

Easy to be deployed by wall-mounting, column standing and cart-pushing installation

Five Models for EXP30K2


Output DC voltage rangeMax
DC output current Max DC output
powerOptional AC charging output
Charging connector capacityDimensions Protection

DC 150V-1000V



AC charging socket 32A/3P/22kW

125A/1000V for CCS, 125A/500V for CHAdeMO, 125A/750V for GBT. 32A/22kW for AC




RCD-B is available when configure AC charging socket.



Internal high precision AC and DC energy meter, optional VDE and PTB certification type LAN and LTE wireless support, OTA support, RFID authorization and Mobile App payment support

Multiple charging modes: Auto basis,Time basis,Amount basis,Energy basis,SOC basis Multiple power distribution modes: stand alone,current switch,plug switch,full hold

OCPP 1.6 J support with update sw to 2.0, smart charge and power management support

CoolRingTM function realizes controlled power transfer between the connectors to improve the charging operation efficiency

Full safety function with output contactor and fuse, EPO, SPD, leakage protection switch, insulation detect protection

User friendly interface with tempered glass protective 7" TFT capacitive touch screen LCD

EXP60K3-FT Fast DC Charger
Energy Storage Charging Solution

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EXP30K2-FDW Fast Wallbox DC Charger

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