BEG1K075G realizes well-controlled bidirectional conversion between AC and DC stream. It is featured with high conversion efficiency of up to 96% and can be widely applied in many scenarios, such as EV Charging point, vehicle to Grid, decommissioned battery usage and replace traditional PCS in energy storage system.

Bidirectional ACDC Power Module 01

Grid Supplies electrification to bidirectional charging module, and the converter then generates power as specified, and stores the energy in lithium-ion batteries.

Energy can be smoothly transferred from energy storage batteries to Grid when necessary

When the Grid falls off, the power module takes energy out of battery and output power to AC loads for emergency use.



DC-side voltage and current 650 Vdc~1000 Vdc, 0~110A
AC-side voltage and current 260 Vac ~437 Vac, 95A
Rated power 62.5kW
CE/ VDE4105/ G99
Dimensions and weight 110mm (H) ×385mm (W) ×395mm (D), ≤22 kg



AC-side voltage and current 260Vac~530Vac, 0~43A
DC-side voltage and current 150Vdc~1000Vdc, 0~73.3A
Rated power 22kW
UL/ CE/ VDE4105/ G99/ UL1741SA/SB
Dimensions and weight 84mm (H) × 300mm (W) × 395mm (D), ≤17 kg



AC-side voltage and current 260 Vac ~485 Vac, 0~30A
DC-side voltage and current 150Vdc~750Vdc, 0~50A
Rated power 15kW
Dimensions and weight 84mm(H)×226mm(W)×395mm(D)
Liquid-Cooling Charger Power Module
AC2DC Charger Power Module

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