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Our EV chargers are ideal for workplace, hotels, retail establishments, shopping malls, airports, business parks, and much more.


Attract top talent and improve employee satisfaction.


Show your company’s green leadership and help achieve corporate social responsibility goals.


Attract high income EV drivers and increase valuable foot-traffic to your establishment.

EV Chargers For Your Business


BEG1K0110G---62.5kW1000V Bidirectional AC2DC Converter

BEG1K0110G is the bidretional AC2DC converter, used for connecting the battery to the AC grid,

are specially designed for bidirectional applications inEnergy storage

with excellent performance.

Unique function:

Bidirectional converter

Non isolation design

Wide voltage range in source side, suitable for multiple battery packs

Smooth transition when power flow changes direction

Main feature:

Constant current keeps the larger power in source side Max efficiency is higher than 98.7%

Less than 12W standby power consumption and less than 300W no-load power consumption

Plug & play


Required battery utilization

Smart grid with DC bus and energy storage

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The new standard for a great place to work.

Why & How

If you are an Employee



+ Added travel flexibility
+ Faster commute via access to HOV lanes
+ Save on your work commute cost
+ Increase the number of zero-emission miles driven to commute
+ Help local air quality


+ Research available incentives
+ Recruit your coworkers to support
+ Submit a request to your company’s management or key decision 

If you are an Employer



+ Helps meet your corporate sustainability goals
+ Attract and retain high quality workforce
+ Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction
+ Meet greenhouse gas reduction goals
+ Help local air quality
+ “Green” company image enhances your brand


+ Research available incentives
+ Survey employee needs
+ Gain company management support
+ Contact us to let us help you find the best solution for your needs

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Best quality Nearest Electric Car Charger - EXP180K2-HT Fast DC Charger CCS + CHAdeMO/180kW - Infypower
Liquid-Cooling Charger Power Module

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